Eating, Drinking, Medications

For reasons of safety it is important to limit the intake of food and fluids before anesthesia and surgery.

Adults may eat their regular diet until midnight. Adults scheduled for surgery beginning after 12 noon may have clear fluids (water, clear fruit juices, sodas, coffee or tea without milk or creamer) until 8 AM. 

Patients having a history of heartburn, esophageal reflux, hiatal hernia, gastroparesis or similar conditions which impair gastric emptying should have no solid food after midnight. Patients, parents, and families should be very careful to read, understand and follow these guidelines. Doing so helps to ensure the comfort and safety of all patients. 

Failure to heed these guidelines may result in cancellation of the planned surgery, for safety reasons. During anesthesia, the presence of food or liquid in the stomach may lead to potentially life threatening pneumonia should the contents enter into your lungs.