After Surgery

When surgery is completed, you will be taken to the recovery room until you feel able to sit up and dress. The length of time you will need to rest before leaving will depend on the nature of your surgery.

We permit a family member or friend to join you in our recovery room when possible. In order to prevent overcrowding we may limit visitors to one person at peak times. Therefore we ask that you not bring children or others who cannot remain unattended in the waiting room.

Before You Leave:

Please be certain you understand your physician’s instructions. You will receive instruction from our nurses regarding medication, diet, and rest requirements. The day of surgery and perhaps at the time of discharge, you may feel sleepy, tired and dizzy. Our advice is to go home and rest for the remainder of the day. For your own safety, it is important that you do not drive, operate machinery, drink alcohol or make any important decisions for at least 24 hours after leaving Highline South Ambulatory Surgery Center. For this reason, we require that you be accompanied upon departure.

At Home:

You should plan to have a responsible adult stay with you the night after surgery. If you experience difficulties or complications once you return home, please contact your surgeon immediately. If you cannot reach your surgeon and your condition requires immediate attention, you should call 911 or be driven to the nearest emergency room. You may also call the staff at the Highline South Ambulatory Surgery Center any time between 8.00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 303-951-8100. For your safety, please do not wait to call for assistance if you have a medical need outside our normal hours of operation.